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As I walked amongst the people informing them as to that which God wanted of them many disliked much of that which I said, some were patient and gracious and looked upon me as their saviour, teaching them how to be rid of their debaucheries, many even offered me bread and water as I sat amongst them, but others were intent upon being unruly and walked amongst the people who had gathered to hear Gods words as I spoke them to them, throwing stones and such which lay upon the ground.

Even the water boy brought to me from the well in a goats skin that of which to quench my thirst, even he a boy fleet of foot sat upon the ground in ore next to me taking in the word of the Father as he asked me many questions which would have done well and were as they were asked of an adult.

I talked to them of my journey into the wilderness, such a place alone as I thought deeply in peace and solitude about my Fathers desires for myself, for which I had to impart unto the people when I next walked amongst them wondering how will I be received, and my father had said to me be restful fore I am with you always and as you know no harm will befall you, I unfolded my blanket and lay it upon the ground as I listened to the other creatures of the night, soon I was sleeping, only awakening to move a stone which was part of my bed.

When morning came I ate from the bread and drank from the water and prepared myself in solitude for more from my father in heaven.

After a while those who were sitting around me understood of that which I spoke to them, and then I stood up amongst them and bid them my leave as I began to slowly walk away.

Thus the battle rages as God fights the dark side of humanity in an attempt to cleanse their soul; but it is a difficult task, fore some of the rightious people often drop their guard when they despise the Prophet for being where they are not. More so when God takes them into their Holy Bible and reminds them of the old because many of them forget who and what they are.

And God said to me. I will not allow anyone to Crucify you as they did my son Jesus, Nore you by the written word or the spoken word, fore I may take away their ability to write or speak.

But he did not say whether it would be permanent or temporary.

Kenneth Foster.

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It makes one just wonder how much hatred there is in religion, as they each and every one/religion cast’s aspersions upon each other naming some the devil, the Antichrist, to name but a few, and those doing the calling cannot see their own degenerate ways exposing their own dark side.

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Date Posted: 03:29:36 04/24/10 Sat

As we all know means 1. Hard to find: difficult to find or
2. hard to pin down: difficult to understand, define, or identify
3. hard to remember: not easily called to mind or memory, Ok now

It’s a bit like trying to pick up jelly, oil and so on in the hand
trying to elaborate on regarding the dark side of humanity, in any kind of
collective order because every human being has its own definition of not only
their own dark side but everyone else’s so they think, where it comes from in
the first place, and there after; which can and often lasts forever even in the
after life. Yes we all know and understand this: so where does this lead to? It
leads to the understanding of how to deal with it in all of its aspects, and
there is not one human being on this earth capable of doing so with any
acceptable degree no matter how intellectually proficient they are even in their
own field of expertise, therefore this is where I interject and have been doing
so at the very beginning of my assisted journey.

My assisted journey from
within the spectrum of the cosmic reality of life, the real life because the
real life is in the yoke. The bond keeping people close: a bond or tie that
keeps people together in the yoke of marriage or in partnership/relationships.
Having said this the yoke upon this earth is because of the dark side from
within the soul of each individual being upon what ever level it exists; has
been severely damaged and in multiples of cases cannot be repaired by the
interference of those who have a broken yoke also, more so the righteous and or
self righteous people.

No this is not nonsensical as some professional
people will think; I say this because they are so adhered to their offing that
is far from being understood by themselves with the odd exception within the
same field.

Now you must understand why I bring to you The Faith of The
Most Divine Spirit, individually as explained previously, of which many
professionals do scoff because of their ignorance or because they are afraid of
their profession and peers of such, and will out of hand dismiss the spirit and
maybe even the soul and accuse those who believe and have experiences of the
reality of such as being mad, to put it blunt, but worry not for even they of my
choice are being taken as it were under my wing.

Kenneth Foster God proclaimed prophet zebity. The soul of, of the Cosmos.

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If the pope is successful in bringing the people of this world into the one world religion if God deems it to be so then all will be well, but having said this he, the pope, and his peers, the Vatican, will be held responsible for implementing (bringing in) the changes God wants to introduce. And these changes will be emanated from the source in all manner of certainty. The reason being so is that Catholicism has a foundation of such that it is in a position of readiness.

Having made this declaration; if gods religion is tampered with from the said organisation (Catholicism) or anywhere else for that matter then there will be much to answer for; because no man or woman or organisation will impede its progression no matter what, and no matter who does so, and if any do so then the results will be catastrophic, much to the fear and disappointment of all concerned.

But if god’s religion The Faith of The Most Divine Spirit is successful then no one will have anything to fear. But having said this, let no one become complacent (negative) in their religious endeavours because they will be strictly monitored; and if they make a single step out of place and attempt to carry on as it has been so since their beginning; and try to force in their historic practices then they will be doomed as I have previously explained in Gods introduction to his religion.

Be under no delusions God will destroy any attempt by any body or organisation to interfere with his progression for humanity, this will be so. Of course most people who read this will scoff yet again, then so will it be.

If any of this does not take place then I must declare in this public place that I have been deceived for all of my seventy six years of life by something unknown and unidentifiable to me, but will be recognised as being the devil by millions. But in all honesty I believe, in fact know I am speaking and writing the truth; and just because much of this will be denounced by many people as being the devil then they need to look inwards to themselves and tell them what they see and live by more so when they all, yes everyone of them admit they are sinners and in reality do nothing about it, but pretend they do.

Now I lay this in front of the people and declare that I am Gods proclaimed prophet, and not too far into the future God will enlighten the people as to that which I declare here and have done in several places, all of it is the Holy Truth. So help me God.

Kenneth Foster also known as zebity.

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Most of that which god wanted me to write about and place on the nett has at this time come to a stop, so if it starts again I will continue maybe on here.

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Jesus was a man as are all men but was under the influence of the great divine spirit which is not a God but is universal cosmic spirit that which people name and identify as God. But therein the people is the spirit of the man Jesus looking over them not once again but many times as he induces me to include this.

He displays over and over again before me the people of his choosing who read my deliverances of his messages, the anger often rage which emits from their very soul as they scurry = to move around in an agitated manner with a swirling motion in an attempt to find somewhere in their nest of Holy books a response which may belittle, cause the demise of, or contradict that which I have delivered unto the world.

But in their haste they/many have the opposite affect and support and even enhance the said deliverances. More so; they are assisting me as I continue my journey into the enlightening of those of the Divines choice.

But they might say “how can we be supporting/assisting this one?” because they display before me all that is within them as and when they talk to their God, expressing their desires, hopes, for the future/world and of course themselves, and they speak to their God in the most expressive way within their own cultural characteristics and also in the way of their biblical teachings.

And as I decipher their prayers I find it ever so easy to stand back and signify the true meaning of these prayers, but these combine with the prayers of many millions of people who express them only to their God, in silence and private, but others make them public knowledge ignoring Jesus by being a hypocrite, but this will change as he; yes Jesus has his way as and when his and their Father in heaven takes them to the place he wants them to be.

This is in the way of being gentle as they believe their saviour is or ought to be simply because they do not have a full understanding of God, that which is within themselves and that which they pray to, and the reason being they have not become of age, but this is a compliment because at last it is displaying before their saviour, their God and I that they are making slow progress towards their enlightenment.


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Gods messenger’s, and many if not all people, many of them are so paying penance for their sins which they commmited when living in the body here on earth. And these are those who are looked upon as evil spirits as they suffer/carry out their penance, and their taskes are awarded unto them by the way of subordinate’s of God.

But who are these spirits? they could be anybody who led a life of commitimg all kinds of miss demeeners unto other people, and will not accept that they have even when they lived in the body on earth, and when they leave the body and transmute into the spirit.

It matters not what kind of sins they have committed they will suffer as long as they do not ask for forgiveness, what kind of sin, hurting another person upon which ever level they did so. Religious or not, and it is futile asking god for forgiveness and commiting sin again. Also the gergy, no matter who they are can offer forgiveness but in the eyes of God this is futile thus will be ignored by God.

Therefore one needs to restrain their ways of many situations causing pain unto others no matter whether by word or deed. Therefore think before you decry anyone more so Gods messengers, because if you do then upon your head be it, maybe you are in the physical body or in the spirit your paying penance might last for ever, and if you are awarded this you may be sent to earth as the spirit of yourself and work in any ward of life and you will be hated by the person you have been allotted to until you accept your sinfull ways and change for the better, which God wants you to do.

And as you continue your work you may be looked upon as being an evil spirit. so tread carefully because you might be there for eternity.



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It may seem immaterial, in this philosophy of being spiritual rather than physical that I include this here considering we are on the move to what and where I do not know, but as we go along I am certain the two will combine IE, spiritual/physical, thus I will do things simultaneously: to undertake the two or more activities at the same time. But I ask myself and the power that is, what does it mean. What will these two activities consist of? I will now wait for an answer from the Divine.                  Kenneth Foster

—————————————————————– ANSWER.

“For you greater evidence of survival of the spirit/spiritual and also healing of the soul which is spiritual and also of the physical all of which is within you, that which you will impart unto others, fore there are multitudes of souls seeking the help of both with others included, thus prepare yourself because your experiences of late, that which has been and is lying dormant IE, temporarily inactive or not in use; within you, but will sooner than later be activated by the most divine spirit.

This you will grasp with both your heart and mind and will give as you desire freely to those in need of such on levels beyond your comprehension, but concern yourself not because you will no longer be latent but able to develop normally under suitable conditions of which there are many; in fact multiples involving or including several things, people, or parts.

This will be to you as easy as wearing the same old pair of your favourite comfortable shoes forever, this is the up side, but there is another side and this is, you will take the lead from the divine, you will be surprised at the level of your prowess in the first place but shall become accustomed as it will be the norm soon afterwards.

The responsibly is yours as you take the initiative in the proceedings but do not allow anyone to overwork you: because if you do the divine will intervene because you have a life other than this; even though your family life has altered it is imperative that you consolidate  the closeness you have and the love you have for your family stability, and or depth of your success or position as they your family become enthused,  to express enthusiasm about something or say something enthusiastically about that of which you are participating in, not only with surprise but maybe with bewilderment.

The Divine,  this day, Thursday, 25 March 2010

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