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God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually.
He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future.

It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives.

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THE FUTURE ONE WORLD RELIGION Posted on March 21, 2012 by Posted on August 18, 2011.





Kenneth Foster


I know how difficult it is going to be for most people to accept that this booklet and a greater amount of manuscripts were impressed upon me and continue to be done so by the God of all religion what ever he be named. The reason being God is dissatisfied with the behaviour of the human race on the whole, because of it’s violent history and of the violence of today.

Therefore God in all his wisdom wants all people too know that enough is enough and no amount of love will cause the human race too mend it’s ways for the good of all people, because of this he has decided to take the responsibility away from the people and take matters into his own hands, and sway the people away from all of the degenerate behaviour which is ravaging the human race.

God informed me that he may take away the people’s free will to accomplish this, although he did not say it would be permanent or temporary, but he did say “this is the responsibility of the person or people as I take them to the place I want them to be.” This is the reason why God is introducing this faith/religion to the people at this time. It shall be done gradually over many years and many will suffer as and when they attempt too reject that which he is going to bring to them. Someone once said to me “This is going to be like the darktimes of the old testament and the dark times of all other religions borne of history “. God said to me, “if this is so then so shall it be”, and he encouraged me rather forcefully to bring this message and many others to the people.

He also said “you do not have to prove anything to anyone, this is not your responsibility, it is mine, therefore I will. The sad thing about this degenerate behaviour of the human race is that the innocent shall also suffer because of the guilty as they always do”.

People have to realise Gods love is not the same in many situations like the love people have for one and another, it is more so, but as adults rear their children God does the same with adults, he disciplines them, and when he does so they do not enjoy the experience, which is normal.

But now sit back and understand God’s discipline as he walks amongst the people and displays before them their dark side, more so those who believe they are the righteous ones, fore it is those too whom he will come in the beginning so that he can use them to be righteous more so and be set as an example for the rest.




What is it and how will it be recognised?.

This faith is Gods religion, that which supports the foundations of all religion upon the earth, the nucleus if you prefer. all other religion no matter what it names itself is an offshoot of The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit, (God), but to date it has not been recognised as such because it is unheard of, until now that is.

This is the religion everyone is waiting for unknowingly, that which most people will believe is the second coming of the historic prophet of their faith/religion although it is not, because no such thing is going to transpire.

Once the people have been introduced to this, Gods chosen religion for them he will without the help of any person take the people onto the road of following this his religion, this may or may not be a good time. he will work with them by the means of Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention such as they have never experienced before, in many cases he may involve other people in an antagonistic way, not in a loving gentle way most people would expect or pray for, hence Indirect Divine Intervention.


He will use the individual persons own character, dreams, hopes, ambitions, imagination and so on, against and for them so that he will be able to take them to the place he wants them to be.

These people will not know what is taking place, they will be confused and unhappy and will not know which way too turn, they will even think they have the devil with them.

On the other hand many may think and believe they are a historic prophet of faith, theirs or even someone else’s, they will be given promise after promise as God sends to them the Angels from Eternity, these Angels will test them by saying, “You are (prophets name) reborn, you will perform an immaculate healing, you will have a miracle, I will provide you with everything you need so that you can do Gods work”, and much more, the people will wait and wait, dream and dream, fantasise and fantasise and nothing will transpire. (ego testing).

Other people will come to them in an attempt to have them reject all of the above, in an attempt to sway them away from that which is taking place, but they will not listen, the reason being, the Angel God sent to them is taking them along this road and will not permit them to break free until God has them at the place he wants them to be.

This is the Angel God will send so that the person will gradually be inspired too take a good hard look at themselves, they ought to ask themselves, “am I worthy of


such adulation which is being bestowed upon me by Gods messenger, am I such a nice person that I should have the highest of high in eternity working with me?”.

They ought to tell themselves the truth of what they see within themselves, mostly the dark side upon which ever level it exposes itself unto others, if they are truthful with themselves they will be half way along the road God is taking them, but not until they begin to correct the darkness within themselves, that which God is showing them, and they can see, that which needs changing and being rid of will the torment they are suffering come to an end.


This is the way it is going to be as we go beyond the year two thousand, this is the faith/religion most people are going to find and experience, because this is the way God is going to take the people forward.

People all over the world are praying, asking and begging of God for this that and the other, and when he brings it to them most of it is too difficult for them to understand let alone follow, mostly because the information when given by God through some person it is incorrectly interpreted, or the recipients do not like that which is given, on most occasions because they do not like it, or it is too difficult to carry out, or they are too bigot to listen because they believe they have all of the answers.


When God sends all of this information to the people and they reject, and begin to ask in prayer all over again for the same things, he becomes sickened by the arrogance, he informs me through real life experiences, feelings and words that this is all going too change, and these changes are going to be recognised through this faith.


God is sick and tired of being a crutch to the every whim of the human being, he desires for the people to learn how too stand on their own two feet, and awaken from their religious stupor, and this is the way he is going to have the people do it, through Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention, private and personally, and via other people, hence Indirect Divine Intervention.

I know this may be difficult for some people to believe but I have passed through it, and have experienced all of the godly adulation heaped upon me by the God sent Angel/spirit, call it what you may.

But at the time I rejected it because I knew what I was like, you see, I told myself the truth about myself as God was putting me through my traumatic experiences, but now I am into the light as some people say, and my life is very gradually improving because I am at the place he wants me to be, but I never become complacent because if I did God would make me experience his wrath, and I can argue that when he does it is a terrifying


experience, in other words I get tested everyday but I make sure I do not go onto the wrong road.


Many religious and maybe none religious people throughout the world are searching for something, many are hoping and maybe expecting a return of their historic prophet so that he can save them and the world from the dire straits they and it have found themselves in.

But their historic prophet is here now, and through him and other channels God is going to give to the people what they want, a second coming, but it is not a second coming of anyone’s historic prophet of any religion/faith, it is the coming of the Ultimate God, but he is already here is he not?, of course he is, but on this occasion he is going to make his religion/faith recognised for the first time ever.

Do not expect it to be as you hope for, loving and beautiful, this has been time tested and failed and continues to do so, one of the reasons why is this, God gave to all people their commands as a guide for the betterment of human behaviour towards each individual and all people, religious and those not so and most have ignored them, and they have ignored most of his messages in just about all other Holy books also, therefore because of this, when God introduces the people to the religion he has now chosen for them it will not be a good time.


When this takes place many people who will be having a bad time will believe they have attracted the Devil. NO, this is not so, this is the power of God displaying before them their dark side, and no amount of praying will free anyone from the torment they are going through, this will continue until they see the light and understand what they must do as God displays before them their dark side.

This is the love of God, he teaches through sufferance and now wants the people to know and understand this.

Believe me believe me not the choice is yours, accept this Gods booklet/message and through time you will come out of your traumatic experiences, ignore it and your situation will only get worse and you will find yourself going deeper into your own hell.



When God brings to the people the recognising of his religion which is The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit, and he does this through the experiences of yourself and others, and Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention how and why will this not be a good time?.

It will not be a good time. Because of his love for the


human being, he will be fighting the evil within them via this intervention, and also through the same via other people.

The people who will suffer this way, and those who witness this sufferance will think the devil is at work, but yes, this will be so, because the devil within the person suffering will be resisting Gods attempts to rid that person of that which God wants that person too be rid of. This is the devil, but this devil is not an opposite of God, it is simply the character, the bad ways, and the direction this person and these people are going in.


These ways/beliefs may be those which have stood in good stead for many years, yes, roads along which most religions throughout the world have followed since, and before their historic prophet walked the earth, but these are roads which God now decides to obstruct because he is displeased with the direction into which the people are going.

Many people all over the world who have followed their beloved religion for generations, those who believe they are righteous, and those who are leaders of such faiths have inside of them on all different levels that which God disapproves of, but everyone knows this to be so, do they or do they not?, of course they all do, and when God in all


his love and wisdom comes amongst the righteous people to rid them of that which he wants them to be rid of, most if not all of them will resist, and will continue to do so until God decides to let them understand what is taking place, and when this time comes he will give to them the knowledge of how too repent, and as they change their ways and repent the devilish suffering of which they are passing through will gradually diminish.

But it may not be that they are doing something wrong, in many cases it will be those who are doing what they believe to be right and Godly who will also suffer, but why?, because God will want them to go into a different direction.

You see, when God comes into them through Direct or Indirect Divine Intervention and causes waves in their past tried tested and approved of ways they will resist will they not?, and as they resist the changes which are being introduced to them, be it forcefully they will not like it, and this is what many people will believe are the Angels of heaven and the Demons of hell going to war as mentioned in holy books.

Not so, it is upon the Earth amongst men and women, children and God between whom this battle is and will continue too ensue, and in this it will not be a good time, do not believe me if you do not want too, just wait and see. How do I know? because all of that which is written within came to me from God.


The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit is Gods religion, and when he brings this to the people it will be personal to them, meaning, no organised group of people will be permitted to infringe upon this personal religion. There will not be any man/woman made rules as to how this religion will be practised accepted and executed. There will not be any religious pictures or statues as a centre of worship, too represent God as many say. There will not be any services as in the worshipping of God. There will be quiet meditation as one communicates with God individually on a private and personal level, but people will congregate so that they may be a family of God who’s doors will always be open, and then as these people congregate they will communicate with God in silence.

No religious or political establishment will come between the individual and God with rules and regulations because this religion is personal between the individual person and God.

No one will ask for money so that others can be of this faith, but if people desire a meeting place the responsibility rests with themselves to finance such. No one will be paid to run or organise such a place.

If this God given command is ignored, the place will be destroyed too the ground by the commands of God through which ever channel he decides to use, and it may be through the dark side of other people.


“This nucleus, underlying faith/religion will be the only way world peace will become a reality, and it begins with each individual in the opposite way as does war, which as everyone knows is in the exposing of ones dark side on every level, instead of bringing peace and harmony by exposing ones light side on the highest level possible for the sake of, and the goodness of humanity to each individual and all of humanity on the whole. This begins in the home and continues up the ladder of spiritual development right to the very head of the human echelon, the government of each individual and every nation. This spiritual harmony I seek will never be fully implemented by humanity because of all of it’s failings, because they/you do not have the resolve to carry this out and be permanent, and this is the reason why, “I AM” God, descends unto the people and will take the responsibility away and into my hands, and I tell you “It will not be a good time”.

“Even though I declare everyone of religion/faith will continue within their chosen religion/faith, I will continue to have the winds of change fulminate more so through them as we continue through this millennium, and the more I am rejected the more powerful will these winds of change do so.

If you do not believe me look around you and see it taking place for yourselves, if you cannot see it I will continue until you can.”



“To those who believe in God I have work for you. When you take my word to the none believer and they reject my existence, I direct you to offer them my challenge so that they can prove to themselves I exist, even though they may say “why has he sent you too give me this challenge and why could he not give it to me himself?”. The answer is simple. The none believer will argue and deny my existence to themselves and other people, therefore it will be through other people directed by I, and Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention I will come too them”.

“None believer if you are as honest and strong enough within yourself about yourself as you yourself think you are, and are as you would have others believe, then I challenge you to ask me too prove to you I exist in the following manner”.

“Take yourself too a place of solitude, sit alone quietly and be certain you will not be disturbed, and then as forcefully and determined as you reject me, but with as much vigour as you can muster, ask me to prove to you I exist, but mean it. If you do not mean it then I will ignore you and look upon you as weak, and I will know you are afraid of me and do not in all honesty want to prove for yourself whether I do or do not exist”.


“Further ask me “God will you come too me and prove that you exist and in doing so will you please show me myself as you see me, and then, will you show me how to change that which is within me, that which you know needs changing or getting rid of so that I can go to the place you want me to be, I accept it is no one else’s responsibility to prove to me whether you exist or not because they cannot, and I cannot prove to anyone that you do not exist, this responsibility is yours and mine only”.



“I say unto you” “take yourself to a place of solitude, sit alone quietly and be certain you will not be disturbed, and then as vigorously as you pray when you ask me to do for you and others that which you cannot do for yourself and they themselves, ask me to show you yourself as you really are, as I see you, but mean it with all your heart, then I will come to you and do this, and then ask me to help you change or be rid of that which I see needs changing or being rid of so that I can take you too the place I want you to be”. “This is my challenge too you, and by accepting my challenge you will prove too yourself how strong honest and righteous you are”.




“People of every faith/religion you have only your holy book as a guide as too what I demand for you and of you. Now I come to you through Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention so that I can take you forward and beyond these writings, more so on a personal level so that, that which I desire for you will not be contaminated in anyway whatsoever by anyone or any writings.

If you truly desire to be as I desire, and those who already claim to be this way wish to be purified personally by I your God, and become of I and as you desire and receive my approval, all you have to do is follow my guidelines which will prove to you that I do answer many prayers”.

“Dear God, or use your chosen name for your God, will you come too me and display before me the truth about myself as you see me as a person of faith/religion, I claim I have the desire to be more advanced within my faith/religion Will you display before me on a personal and private level how I can become this way taught by you personally and directly as you desire me to be. I promise I will follow your every command so that I will attain the level of spirituality you desire for me”.


Gods blessing always

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August 27, 2011 at 3:58 am


As I walked amongst the people informing them as to that which God wanted of them many disliked much of that which I said, some were patient and gracious and looked upon me as their saviour, teaching them how to be rid of their debaucheries, many even offered me bread and water as I sat amongst them, but others were intent upon being unruly and walked amongst the people who had gathered to hear Gods words as I spoke them to them, throwing stones and such which lay upon the ground.

Even the water boy brought to me from the well in a goats skin that of which to quench my thirst, even he a boy fleet of foot sat upon the ground in ore next to me taking in the word of the Father as he asked me many questions which would have done well and were as they were asked of an adult.

I talked to them of my journey into the wilderness, such a place alone as I thought deeply in peace and solitude about my Fathers desires for myself, for which I had to impart unto the people when I next walked amongst them wondering how will I be received, and my father had said to me be restful fore I am with you always and as you know no harm will befall you, I unfolded my blanket and lay it upon the ground as I listened to the other creatures of the night, soon I was sleeping, only awakening to move a stone which was part of my bed.

When morning came I ate from the bread and drank from the water and prepared myself in solitude for more from my father in heaven.

After a while those who were sitting around me understood of that which I spoke to them, and then I stood up amongst them and bid them my leave as I began to slowly walk away.

Thus the battle rages as God fights the dark side of humanity in an attempt to cleanse their soul; but it is a difficult task, fore some of the rightious people often drop their guard when they despise the Prophet for being where they are not. More so when God takes them into their Holy Bible and reminds them of the old because many of them forget who and what they are.

And God said to me. I will not allow anyone to Crucify you as they did my son Jesus, Nore you by the written word or the spoken word, fore I may take away their ability to write or speak.

But he did not say whether it would be permanent or temporary.

Kenneth Foster.

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It makes one just wonder how much hatred there is in religion, as they each and every one/religion cast’s aspersions upon each other naming some the devil, the Antichrist, to name but a few, and those doing the calling cannot see their own degenerate ways exposing their own dark side.

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Date Posted: 03:29:36 04/24/10 Sat

As we all know means 1. Hard to find: difficult to find or
2. hard to pin down: difficult to understand, define, or identify
3. hard to remember: not easily called to mind or memory, Ok now

It’s a bit like trying to pick up jelly, oil and so on in the hand
trying to elaborate on regarding the dark side of humanity, in any kind of
collective order because every human being has its own definition of not only
their own dark side but everyone else’s so they think, where it comes from in
the first place, and there after; which can and often lasts forever even in the
after life. Yes we all know and understand this: so where does this lead to? It
leads to the understanding of how to deal with it in all of its aspects, and
there is not one human being on this earth capable of doing so with any
acceptable degree no matter how intellectually proficient they are even in their
own field of expertise, therefore this is where I interject and have been doing
so at the very beginning of my assisted journey.

My assisted journey from
within the spectrum of the cosmic reality of life, the real life because the
real life is in the yoke. The bond keeping people close: a bond or tie that
keeps people together in the yoke of marriage or in partnership/relationships.
Having said this the yoke upon this earth is because of the dark side from
within the soul of each individual being upon what ever level it exists; has
been severely damaged and in multiples of cases cannot be repaired by the
interference of those who have a broken yoke also, more so the righteous and or
self righteous people.

No this is not nonsensical as some professional
people will think; I say this because they are so adhered to their offing that
is far from being understood by themselves with the odd exception within the
same field.

Now you must understand why I bring to you The Faith of The
Most Divine Spirit, individually as explained previously, of which many
professionals do scoff because of their ignorance or because they are afraid of
their profession and peers of such, and will out of hand dismiss the spirit and
maybe even the soul and accuse those who believe and have experiences of the
reality of such as being mad, to put it blunt, but worry not for even they of my
choice are being taken as it were under my wing.

Kenneth Foster God proclaimed prophet zebity. The soul of, of the Cosmos.

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If the pope is successful in bringing the people of this world into the one world religion if God deems it to be so then all will be well, but having said this he, the pope, and his peers, the Vatican, will be held responsible for implementing (bringing in) the changes God wants to introduce. And these changes will be emanated from the source in all manner of certainty. The reason being so is that Catholicism has a foundation of such that it is in a position of readiness.

Having made this declaration; if gods religion is tampered with from the said organisation (Catholicism) or anywhere else for that matter then there will be much to answer for; because no man or woman or organisation will impede its progression no matter what, and no matter who does so, and if any do so then the results will be catastrophic, much to the fear and disappointment of all concerned.

But if god’s religion The Faith of The Most Divine Spirit is successful then no one will have anything to fear. But having said this, let no one become complacent (negative) in their religious endeavours because they will be strictly monitored; and if they make a single step out of place and attempt to carry on as it has been so since their beginning; and try to force in their historic practices then they will be doomed as I have previously explained in Gods introduction to his religion.

Be under no delusions God will destroy any attempt by any body or organisation to interfere with his progression for humanity, this will be so. Of course most people who read this will scoff yet again, then so will it be.

If any of this does not take place then I must declare in this public place that I have been deceived for all of my seventy six years of life by something unknown and unidentifiable to me, but will be recognised as being the devil by millions. But in all honesty I believe, in fact know I am speaking and writing the truth; and just because much of this will be denounced by many people as being the devil then they need to look inwards to themselves and tell them what they see and live by more so when they all, yes everyone of them admit they are sinners and in reality do nothing about it, but pretend they do.

Now I lay this in front of the people and declare that I am Gods proclaimed prophet, and not too far into the future God will enlighten the people as to that which I declare here and have done in several places, all of it is the Holy Truth. So help me God.

Kenneth Foster also known as zebity.

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