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Gods messenger’s, and many if not all people, many of them are so paying penance for their sins which they commmited when living in the body here on earth. And these are those who are looked upon as evil spirits … Continue reading

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I have that much compassion for those who are suffering the entire world over and it also causes me so much pain, often more pain than they themselves, and none have the slightest idea that I suffer so. I suffer … Continue reading

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AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH I SPEAK · 9/23/2011 Edit Previous Story | Story 496 of 511 | Next Story RSS Feed         <!– –> 3. The New Testament God is Also Evil Jesus and the Disciples … Continue reading

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  Tested by god. It will have been noticed that God took me into terrestrial and extraterrestrials, for what ever reason at the time I did not know because I do not have any great desire to do so. But … Continue reading

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 Subject: QUESTION DID MOSES COMMIT GENOCIDE I read so much about false prophets that it beggars belief as I trawl through biblical writings which are purported as being Gods word absolute. Every person of religion or faith I have ever … Continue reading

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Sometimes I recieve messages from GOD but because of the severity of some of them I often believe they may not be from him, I understand this to be so because he took me on a walk through the dark … Continue reading

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Which many people will look upon as a religion is and will be The Faith of The Most Divine Spirit but this will come to many people through their own religion which I deem it to be an Honour to … Continue reading

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