About ME

Just a bit about me. I am not religious but have been used to take the people through several stages of evolutionary progression (as can be seen on my blogs) in and out of religon, this is done for the bennefit of certain people of the Divines choosing, some who have so many questions regarding the reality the truth about religion.

I was coersed, in fact had my free will taken from me so that all that is written on all of my blogs is feted, done so in the honour of the divine thus layng in line for the future of humanity material for consideraton and action for all people.

But as things stand at this time my free will has returned expeditiously in certain of my faculties, yes my inherent mental and physical power, an aptitude or tallent, the teaching or research for the staff of the divine of whom will be privy in preperation for the long distant future, yes the long distant furture, thus said because much of my work will seem to be too far fetched at this time by most people except the chosen who will carry this work forwards when I am no longer capable or when I leave this earth. 

But who are the Divine, they are the hierachy of those whom I have described as the terrestrials and extraterrestrials who have thousands if not millions of years of evolutionary progression beyond our imagination in all fields of experties.

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