FURTHER MORE (Previously posted)

As we progress with you, you will find that your intellect will become more progressively evolved onto higher levels as you may never have thought possible, being so you will desire to accolade = look for a sign of praise: a sign or expression of high praise and esteem for somebody/oneself. And may desire or will even look for public recognition: praise and public recognition of somebody’s achievements including your own, (exaggeration – as knighting: the ceremonial bestowal of a knighthood by touching somebody’s shoulders with a sword. Knighthood was formerly conferred by an embrace. Self importance.) Do not go there otherwise we will allow you to go back to where you started from. Thus causing you great disappointment.

Trying to proceed too quick or bypass our level of experties will cause you to overstep your progressive capabilities thus causing you to inflame your ideology,= meaningful belief system: a set of beliefs, values, and opinions that shapes the way a person or a group such as a social class thinks, acts, and understands the world.

I inform you of this not so much for yourself Kenneth but for all others who shall attempt to follow or precede you, in this instance precede = to come, go, be, or happen before somebody or something else in time, position, or importance when they have not reached the goal we have set for them, this is very important, remember do not try to run before you can walk.

But I ask you this “to whom am I sending this?” I am sending this to all of those to who it concerns as I take them/you to the place I want you to be, and they will all know as to who they are because I have already programmed them.

Enlightenment has many avenues of importance as many of you believe and know but on this occasion it has nothing to do with religious progression, I gather you will know as to what I imply therefore I will leave this here for the time being.

But I can enlighten you to the fact that you can be very spiritually endowed simply because you are spiritual/spirit beings IE absolute, but have a very long way to go before you are evolved to the stage you need to be before we can trust you to the level of evolutionary progression, and this is a reason why we are gradually making our presence known to you in the way we are.

We are in the fact your brethren who are responsible for you as we look over you, but there are others who are not so benevolent = kind: showing kindness or goodwill towards you, not just alien but even amongst you own kind.

From the cosmic aliance.


About the time is now

God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually. He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future. It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives. AND NOW GOD PROCLAIMED I TO BE FROM PROPHET TO SAVIOUR BOUND BY THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT AND NOW CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW BIBLE OF TWO THOUSAND..
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