The Cosmic Law, the dominion.

Look forwards and not backwards and see the light and love that is portrayed before you and worry not, fore how else am I going to have my messages delivered to you other than in this place and others as such for the sake of convenience and very little expense. See the reasoning for my tribunal which is a judging body: a body that is appointed to make a judgment or inquiry for the sake of goodness within the human body, mind soul and spirit.

How else can I have my work taken to the people of this world in convenience to my son whose worthiness has not gone unnoticed, but is greatly noticed and recognised not as an enemy but as a saviour for and of the spirit within humanity, as such can by the order of the divine bring peace and tranquillity to many nations as I deplete the power of the old empires of deliberate deceit but believe it was in the opposite by themselves and those who follow.

The powers of the old empires are to be defined by their failure to be successful, to identify somebody or something by a distinctive characteristic quality or feature, causing the age you live in is by a deep sense of uncertainty and hopelessness for millions even billions; a great tragedy that does befall onto those who are led in this way who are not only the meek of this earth but those who are looked upon as being below the meek. Look and you shall find, but you do not need to look too far because you will find them in every walk of life, even in your own township, street and maybe next door.

Need I disclose the old empires or the old guard by identifying them by name, no I do not because everyone of you know as to whom I refer to, that is if you are truthful to yourselves and they are towards themselves also, but will avoid being generous with the truth because of power and position and not forgetting wealth of which they collected from those who came and went before you, and those as yourselves of today and will continue to do so in the future. But will find over a period of time this giving not freely but by manipulation will gradually become a trickle as the people open their eyes and mind as I illuminate the darkness they exist in, and this is also my quest which is being at this time gradually implemented through Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention, haven’t you noticed how I have exposed the greedy and others without even lifting a finger to anyone.

Look around you and you will see at this time once again through Direct and Indirect Divine Intervention how I am continuing to drag by the hand of others who are evil doers, onto other evil doers as I am attempting to bring peace of some kind on a certain level for the sake of humanity.

The Cosmic law, the dominion.


About the time is now

God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually. He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future. It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives. AND NOW GOD PROCLAIMED I TO BE FROM PROPHET TO SAVIOUR BOUND BY THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT AND NOW CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW BIBLE OF TWO THOUSAND..
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