Not a word of this final report have I spoken to anyone untill this day which is now a written report, and in all honesty I hope many if not all people read it and absorb it, whether they believe it or not it is their very own responsibility. Kenneth Foster.

I AXIA continue to further your understanding of this great moment when humanity will follow the commands I bring unto the people, (I have already explained what will ensue if I am ignored as your God is or has been) and how the procedures shall take place. Now I will endeavour to explain as to who we are. We are those who I informed you of in recent communications I.E those you will look upon as extraterrestrial, raw spirit as is your spirit within, we are as I informed you INCORPOREAL BEINGS, as is your spirit within, a race of PURE MIND ENERGY living beyond your realm of thinking, and it is we who have been with you for ever even when you were seeded upon the earth and joined to the physical conception.

Thus your spirit when departs from the physical body of human you will rejoin us your loved ones who will accept you with openness, love, compassion, and much more which you lack as you reside in the physical upon the earth. We care greatly for your welfare and cannot bear any longer the anguish you cause yourselves and us no end, and I mean no end, because if we leave you alone for ever more we know for a certainty you will continue to attempt to seriously damage your spirit and your physical being. We cannot and will not permit you to continue in this vain.

Also there are extraterrestrials in the physical beyond your earth who do not like humans at all for some reason, as some people have already experienced but have been ridiculed by their peers, but worry not for we will continue to protect you and keep them at bay as much as possible of which we are very successful indeed, we cannot be destroyed or injured in anyway what so ever by any force other than our own and this is unlikely, I give you this information in an attempt to comfort you, but have I not been feeding you important information within over the time allotted which purpose was and continues to be in preparation for the future events.

I have more to send to you soon regarding religion God etcetera which will annoy many people maybe, or will surely disappoint them when the reality of God is explained to them.


About the time is now

God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually. He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future. It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives. AND NOW GOD PROCLAIMED I TO BE FROM PROPHET TO SAVIOUR BOUND BY THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT AND NOW CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW BIBLE OF TWO THOUSAND..
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