Like most people I know there is no end to evil/darkness which is all a around us here and in the ether that tries to take people away from the light and love and God because the Divine has taken me on my journey which has enabled him through me to go to the people to show them how they can be manipulated by the darkness within themselves and others and also from within eternity, it is all here, with the exception of the worst of the worst meaning those of evil intent and actions of those who are criminal who go against the good of society for their own selfish gains what ever these are.

As I have admitted previously I detest this journey and feel it is time for it to end, maybe I will be able to experience the love and light of that which is in abundance in this world but it is marred by the dark side of humanity and the ether abound, which is also affected by the dark side of humanity that is affected by the dark side in the ether back unto the earth, it is this way because it is a continuous viscous never ending cycle/circle that seems as if it cannot be broken or even damaged and will go on forever. Maybe this is hell exposing itself to us and many people cannot see the wood for the trees within themselves.

It’s 01; 55 and I am at it again. I have been made to feel poorly once more and is now wide awake thus I am writing this and I do not know why because I would sooner be asleep. How much more of this manipulation have I got to endure, I am sick and tired of this, all of it.

It is odd how I am manipulated to declare on the internet that I am happy most of the time, just goes to show how one can be manipulated by some unseen force which is outside the mind coming inwards. Anyway I am going to ask even if it is or is not a manifestation of the human mind, what ever God is or is not, I am going to ask him/it to bring this journey to an end and let me experience the true love and light wherever it is, but let me experience it permanently here on earth and the sooner the better.

By asking God for this it seems to me to be a waste of time anyway, but this time I have changed my mind because when I try this the situation usually goes from bad to worse as if I have angered it and put it into a bad mood. But if I do this I will have nowhere to turn so once again I take the chance and ask the divine “please forgive me if I have offended you yet again” I have done this many times and have had the situation around me slightly improve in several ways, my health may improve slightly for a while until things calm down between Chris and myself, sometimes nothing happens and other times things just get worse. But not so much now because Chris and I are making good progress.


About the time is now

God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually. He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future. It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives. AND NOW GOD PROCLAIMED I TO BE FROM PROPHET TO SAVIOUR BOUND BY THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT AND NOW CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW BIBLE OF TWO THOUSAND..
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