MUD = defamatory material, things said or written about somebody (informal).

“God the nucleus said to me, “Enough said“ “what do you mean?” I asked, “You take too much for granted” he replied; again I ask “what do you mean” waiting for answer,! “You are a man I am spirit, how can you know everything about me just because I know everything about you? I replied, “I never act or said I know everything about you I just tell it as you tell it to me, because you want me to”, “Not so you take it for granted” “I beg to disagree with you again because in the past I have learned by you that if you informed me of something and you did not want me to inform others of it verbally, you would have interfered with my train of thought so that I could not speak in a flowing manner and it would come out as gobbledegook untill I gave up the attempt.”

“Also if I attempted to write it you would do; and have done many times interfered with the computer or printer, and continued to do so untill I realised what was taking place and stopped trying to write the information, then the computer and printer would begin to work as they should. Many times over I must add”.

“The divine replied “there is no winning over you as long as you are not being belligerent which you are not towards me, this is the way I want you to be and this is the way you are because through your experiences with me I have taught you so”.

“You have taught me so much when I became of age, of you, as I grew into adulthood in my early fifties, I have gained so much knowledge it is unbelievable“, He replied “well it will be unbelievable by many people, those with very little initiative, this is untill I take them to the place I want them to be, but on the other hand many do believe you. INITIATIVE = the power or opportunity to act before others do; before we have lost the initiative, 2 A fresh strategy intended to resolve or improve something, PHRASEOLOGY – on ones own initiative without being prompted by others.

“Then the divine said “You made it clear to me that there was much taking place in your life which nearly brought you to your knees, (not to pray) more so because you thought it was you who was in the wrong most of the time when it was others all around you, this was the dark side of humanity within self righteous people, and when you did finally ask I AM through Jesus to help you I took you by your sword of justice and presented you with the ALL MIGHTY TASK of being prophet at that time, and you took the initiative yourself which takes great fortitude of which you did not realise was within you, but required fine tuning because you as everyone else is not or was not perfect.



About the time is now

God proclaimed prophet, Introducing The Faith Of The Most Divine Spirit. This I have been doing for over twenty four years gradually. He taught me how to get rid of my road rage, how not to be stroppy with other people and how to read their soul and spirit, and this was rather un-nerving at times. He tought me that much about myself I was sickened by what I saw and this was when he took me onto my journey of soul cleansing and filled my soul and spirit with so much knowledge my head nearly burst. And all of the information I have shared on the internet and more information of what he is doing now and going to do in the future. It would be a great help to understand more so what these blogs are about by reading more of them and not just the one or two one comes to when you read the first one, Ok it will take squite some time but this will be the only way anyone will trully understand as to what is taking place now and what is going to take place as the future progresses. Well most people read their Bible many times over. If they did this with these blogs then they might have more to complain about as God impliments his directives. AND NOW GOD PROCLAIMED I TO BE FROM PROPHET TO SAVIOUR BOUND BY THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT AND NOW CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW BIBLE OF TWO THOUSAND..
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